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Sharepoint!! Huge Folder Library Navigation a problem !!! Sharepoint Filtering does not filter Folders or filenames !!! Is paging getting on your nerve to get to the last folder or list item in Sharepoint !!! No Problem, I have the right solution for you here…

Project Description

This Project is inspired by Sharepoint Instant Search Feature and
leverages JQuery Combo dropdown plugin. So here the problem, Sharepoint is all about
collaboration document libraries and folders, custom lists. As people start
using these features, as the content grows the navigation gets little tricky
and cumbersome. This is where searching and filtering helps but folders and
filename cannot be filtered OTB by sharepoint.

Now if you need to get the Zth account folder you need to navigation all the down paging or modify your view.

I have the perfect solution for this, a combobox on your right
hand corner of your libraries and list which provides you with type ahead
search, filter and suggestion and you go right into the folder and get to
content and it is NOT paging impaired, so no more clicking navigating. If you
are impressed by these consider this, there is no configuration what so ever,
just install the feature and snap in the webpart to your library (defaultview) volla
it works.



• Type Ahead Search as you Type – Easy Filtering
• Easy installation provided by a setup wizard
• NO Configurations what so ever, add it to any library or list on Allitems.aspx and it will work.
• Security trimmed user interface (users only see items on which they have permissions)
• Icons next to Item, indicate the item you see in the combo box.
• Very Light Webpart and content loaded dynamically making AJAX JQUERY Calls
• Fast results and enhanced speed depends upon the Server speed.
• This component highly flexible and can be placed anywhere in the site on any library or list.
• It is simple and will make your life so much easier


• MOSS 2007 or Higher


• Download the ZIP
• Extract the files from the ZIP
• Run the EXE and the Installer will guide you through the process ( You need
to be an Admin in the Sharepoint Server)
• Install the Site Collection of your Choice or in all the Site collection
• Active the “JSharepoint Advance Smart Filter” feature from the Site
Collection Feature list.
• Add the Webpart to any document library or list to the “Allitems.aspx”
(Default View Page) ENJOY!!!


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Smart Filter on Document Libraries:

Smart Filter on Sharepoint List:

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